Artist Statement:

Cayla Zeek (American, b.1991)

This body of work explores the difference between house and home. I recall
many a Louisiana night as a child sitting on my Aunt Inez’s screen porch feeling
small on the wooden planks of the floor as the adults sat in chairs talking. I
remember playing in the woods behind my grandparents’ and trying to build
shelters to play “house”. These memories encompass my ideas of traditional
family and home.

A house is a structure where one lives, but a home becomes an ever-changing
sentiment. These works depict a lack of permanence and homesickness with the
dismemberment of a tangible house in piles of debris. The concept of a home
becomes personal and esoteric thus symbolized in the works by: Louisiana
wetland birds, Southern regional botany, sentimental objects, and individuals.